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About Us


Quality Pet Care

 Durham Pet Care has a passion for spending time with animals, providing professional, friendly, reliable and bespoke services to all owners and their pets in Durham and the surrounding area.

I set up Durham Petcare because pets have always meant a great deal to me and my own personal experience is that finding the best care for our pets is very important.

I know that your pet is one of the most important members of your household and whilst there is little doubt that you are the most qualified person to be overseeing their exercise and training regimes, due to your busy social and professional diary, you cannot always be at their beck and call.

Durham Petcare treats every dog as if it was our own. So while your busy life takes you here, there and everywhere, your pet is in the best possible hands: being walked by a reliable and responsible walker, playing games, having fun on walks and being cuddled silly. 

I am local to your area, passionate about dogs, dedicated to my job and extremely reliable.

I am insured and DBS checked.


Dog Walk

Having a dog in your life is such an enjoyment, but unfortunately with work commitments and busy lifestyles, our four legged companions are sometimes left home alone.

Durham Pet Care will, whatever the weather or time of day, safely collect your dog from your home and take them for a fun and exciting country side walk. We will provide your dog the exercise, stimulation and consideration that they deserve; this will ensure that they are happy and comfortable for when you return home.

β€’ Free consultation to discuss your dogs requirements and also to ask any questions relevant to your dogs needs. We will discuss if you wish your dog to be exercised on or off the lead with written consent.β€’ A uniformed member of staff will collect and return your dog and they will be secured in a pet cage during transportation in a van.β€’ Plenty of fresh water will be provided; your dog will be towel dried after exercise so no dirty paws!β€’ I can text or email you photos of your dog having fun so you know they are safe and having a fun outing.β€’ Equipped with ball, treats and plenty of poop bags we will head to a safe location in County Durham to have fun. β€’ 45 minute walk Β£10.00 


Puppy Visits

The most stressful part of owning a puppy is having to leave them on their own during the working day. Durham Pet Care offers you a solution; as we will visit your home, play with your puppy and clean up any mess. 

Puppies need a lot of love and attention. We can provide companionship and care visits, which can include indoor or outdoor playtime. We can then build this up, as your puppy gets older including a small walk from your home.

At an early stage of your puppies’ life it is important to have a routine especially if they are to grow into a confident, well socialised and happy family pet. This will aid in the toilet training development and will build a strong and trusting bond with the Durham Pet Care team in readiness for our dog walking services at a later stage. 

β€’ I will visit you and your puppy so that I can get to know them in their own environment and discuss about your requirements.β€’ I will visit your puppy at the times you choose during the day.β€’ I will clean up any mess, give your puppy lots of TLC and play time as well as assist in their training.β€’ Puppies need regular toilet breaks so I will take them outside to aid them in their training.β€’ As the puppy gets older I would be happy to take them on a one to one walk to help them get used to being on a lead and to socialise.β€’ 20 minute visit Β£6.50, two same day visits Β£10.00

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